Skills Employers Most Want

Skills Employers Most Want

by Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D., Master Career Counselor

For nearly a decade, numerous studies have surveyed employers to identify the list of skills employers’ most want. I’ve summarized those findings, including those skills most frequently mentioned. This list can be extremely useful in job hunting and career advancement. Understanding the skills and characteristics that most employer seek facilitates the process of tailoring your job-search communication - resumes, cover letters, and interview conversations , and thereby making them more effective.
Skills Most Employers Look For
 - Communication Skills: listening, writing, public speaking, influencing, persuading, negotiating, explaining, teaching, speaking a foreign language

- Interpersonal skills: working well with diverse populations, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, developing strong relationships, motivating others

- Project Management: planning, organizing, setting goals, implementing projects, following through, scheduling, time management, attention to detail

Problem-solving: researching, analyzing, evaluating, creative problem-solving, anticipating and circumventing problems, resourceful, resilient, identifying potential courses of action
- Positive Attitude/Motivated/Strong Work Ethic: initiative, driven, passionate, strong work ethic; committed to excellent; willing to go the extra mile; works well without supervision, persistent, calm under stress, honesty and integrity

- Flexibility/adaptability/ ability to manage multiple priorities: set priorities, open to new ideas and concepts, works well independently and as part of a team, learns quickly

- Computer/Technical Skills: using word processing, spreadsheets, email; working knowledge of specific software programs including MS Word, Execl, Powerpoint; charting techniques, scheduling software

- Leadership/Management: setting organizational strategy and values, aligning team players around organizational strategy and values, training personnel, building high functioning teams, decisive, good judgment, takes manageable risks, confidence, role model, financial accountability, change manager, mentoring, delegating and empowering others, budgeting, making good use of scarce resources, guiding team performance, conflict management