Business Coaching - Judith Pitman

Corporate marketing executive, entrepreneur, business coach and consultant, Judith Pitman, MBA, is on a mission to help executives and business owners focus their knowledge, skills and talents on building prosperous businesses.

Her clients overcome hurdles and build long-term, sustainable businesses that deliver impeccable value and service. Judith helps clients develop compelling visions and understand their true North Star, their WHY, the deeper reasons they’re in business.  She encourages her clients to identify and strengthen their strengths, which enable them to rapidly gain confidence, clarity and commitment.  By learning to focus their marketing efforts on their top 100 ideal prospects, her clients’ businesses gain preeminence over the competition in their selected target markets, resulting in dominant market share.

Judith helps clients shift from where they are to where they want to be by identifying new concepts or pathways for the first time that will have significant impact on their businesses and personal lives and then taking action.  Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power.  It is the responsibility of the coach to hold clients accountable for taking action and achieving goals.

You can choose to move slowly and incrementally in your business, which can be painful and unproductive--or you can choose to move strategically with laser focus and speed to achieve measurable results and success by working with Judith as your business coach.  The choice is yours!

Judith’s Background

·         MBA, Pepperdine University

·         Product Manager, at Beckman Instruments, a medical diagnostic instrumentation company

·         Vice President of Marketing and Communications, at Central Federal Bank, a southern California regional bank

·         Founder and owner of Wheaten Communications, a consumer education company that provided products for companies that included Bank of America, MetLife, Crocker Bank, Southern California Edison, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, EF Hutton and STAR  ATM Network.

·         Founder and owner of Valor Enterprises, a national distributor of borate-based pesticides

·         Founder and owner of Altamark Business Advisors, a business consulting firm

·         Director of Coaching at OneCoach International, a business coaching company founded by

John Assaraf

·         Business Mastery Coach, at Business Breakthroughs International, a coaching and consulting company founded by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes
To contact Judith Pitman, call 858 558-7400.