Executive and Entrepreneurial Business Coaching

Executive and  Entrepreneurial Business Coaching 

Corporate marketing executive, entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant, Coach Judith Pitman is the Million$ Business Accelerator (MBA).  Her mission is to help business owners focus their knowledge, skills and talents on building extraordinary businesses that prosper under their leadership.

You are an ideal client if you are committed to stop getting ready and start taking action.  You are inspired to build a long-term sustainable business that can be scaled.  You are willing to boldly embrace and conquer change that results in transformation.  You are willing to carry the load and do the work.  You are committed to giving impeccable value and service to your clients.  You are committed to consistent self-improvement. You have achieved at least one million dollars in annual revenue in your business.

You are not an ideal client and I won’t waste your time and money if you want to stockpile information and won’t take action, your ego won’t accept others’ ideas and paradigms, you are uncomfortable with change and transformation, you will not play full out and accept full responsibility for outcomes, you have consistently accepted underachievement, mediocre service and lack of attention to detail.

Working with Coach Judith, you will participate in a bigger game than you’ve ever played before.  You will develop a compelling vision and understand your true North Star, your WHY, the deeper reason you are in business.  You will focus on strengthening your strengths and managing your weaknesses, gaining confidence, clarity and commitment.  You will craft your unique story around now how you solve your clients’ issues.  You will create your ideal client profile and articulate your preeminence over the competition in your selected target market.  You will learn to deliver consistent unsurpassed value to your clients so they will become the external beacons for your business.

In the coach-client relationship, Coach Judith focuses on :

Accountability                                                                                                                                                                 Holding your feet to the fire to take action and achieve your goals

Advice, ideas, suggestions and innovation    Everyone needs an objective resource person who can view a situation from a variety of perspectives and offer ideas and suggestions for improvement

Blind spots, weaknesses and self-limiting behavior   Blind spots and weaknesses can stifle progress.  Being aware of blind spots and weaknesses and strengthening strengths can turn inaction into rapid forward progress.

A trustworthy sounding board.   Being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your trusted coach who is always playing on your team can be vital to your growth and success.

You can choose to move slowly and incrementally in your business which can be painful and unproductive or you can choose to move strategically with lightening speed in your business with the support of Coach Judith.  The choice is yours . . . every winner has a coach!
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