Job Hunting Assistance in San Diego
with Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.

Job hunting can feel overwhelming and unbelievably frustrating.  But it doesn't have to be.  Through career counseling and coaching, I help you break it down into clear, manageable steps.  Then I coach you so you know what to say and how specifically to deal with a variety of circumstances.  Knowing exactly what to do typically helps reduce the anxiety and frustration so often associated with job hunting.              

Through this process, you will learn:

- How to create a job search plan and manage your time,

- The most effective job search strategies,

- How to interview effectively,

- Effective negotiation strategies,

- Strategies to create an effective resume, and

- How to avoid common job search mistakes.

We work together on an hourly basis.  You may use me to help you through the entire process or for just an hour or two to answer specific questions.  If I have taken you through the entire process, by the time we complete our work together, you will have developed a new set of skills that can significantly help with your future career advancement as well.

Contact Information

Phone: (858) 558-7400