"Judy is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing finds in my life. Right before I met her, I quit my job and took a year-long trip around the world. I returned to the States with a fresh perspective on life and an eagerness to find a more meaningful career than the one I had left behind. Luckily, I found Judy to guide me. Judy was able to quickly identify what fields I was best suited for. After only a few sessions, I was on track to a new career in a field that is perfectly matched with my interests, values, and natural strengths. Beyond helping me self-actualize in my work life, Judy's coaching and guidance has been instrumental in helping me meet my other life goals. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a no-nonsense approach to finding the right career, unleashing potential, and maximizing personal growth."       -- B. Stumme, San Diego, CA

"There have been three very critical times during my 25 year career when I needed the assistance of a professional career counselor. Fortunately for me, I was introduced to Judy Kaplan Baron very early in my career and each and every time I've needed her it was critical and she's delivered! The best analogy I can use to describe this process is that having Judy in your career corner is like having an auto mechanic on retainer:  When your car is running rough... you take it to your mechanic. The mechanic diagnoses the issue and adjusts the idle so that your car runs smoothly as you drive down the road. 

"However, the major difference being that when your career is running roughly...Judy doesn't just adjust your "career idle" by herself. Instead, she partners with clients, empowering them to diagnose the problems, and figure out what the critical issues are. She then oversees the steps that clients need to take to be successful professionally, ensuring that careers runs smoothly for years to come.  Working with Judy was an "investment in myself" and a significant factor in my professional success over the last 25 years!"    
- D. Draz

"Judy was AWESOME!!!! I work for City government and had tested for the supervisor position 4 other times. Each time I would pass the written exam with flying colors. The oral board was another matter. I would get to the interview and freeze up, freak out, and thus, score poorly: It was as if the aliens from Men In Black came with me and sucked everything I knew out of my brain! After only one session with Judy she helped me to know what to say and how to say it. I practiced what she taught me over and over again. The end result was I came out number 1 on the list and was given the promotion. It was well worth the money and the 100 mile plus trip each way. I highly recommend her!"  -JD, 6/5/12

"Just when I had about given up hope and could not see any light at the end of the tunnel I found you.  You gave me solutions when I could not seem to find any.  You didn't beat around the bush were straight and honest with me and its exactly what I needed.  Using your own life experiences showed me you were a real person not just a typical therapist going through the motions.  You taught me to pull on my inner strength and so I was able to transfer my daughter schools, say no without guilt and release some of the resentments I carried for my ex husband!  Because of your honesty in dealing with me I was able to believe when you told me I did the right thing.  Thank you for all you did to pull me out of the darkness."  -  Cynthia H.  8/25/10

"If you’re thinking about whether or not it’s worth it to retain Dr. Judy Kaplan Baron’s services it’s up to you but I know my decision to work with Judy was the best money I’ve ever spent.  She gave me structure and put together a game plan that helped build my confidence to perform at a high level.  If you listen and do the work she will get you to your goals. I was struggling in my current position getting passed up for one promotion after another and sought out Judy to help find the right career for me.  In a very short time she had me focused and when the next opportunity in my company came open I performed beyond my expectations as was offered the promotion.  Our work is not done but in the meanwhile my income and status in my company has been greatly increased."  -- M.D. 8/18/11

I knew I had an opportunity to take a large next step and what would be a dream job but I also knew I did not possess the interviewing skills to make it a definite win.  I went to Judy Kaplan Baron to make sure I could present myself in a manner that would let the interviewers know I was the best person for the job.  Spending time with her made me realize that interviewing is a process and there is a recipe for success.  She taught me ways to direct the interview to bring out the information I wanted them to know as well as how to handle potential pitfalls.  In the end not only am I a better interviewee but I am a much better interviewer and can readily identify those individuals who have put in the time and effort to be successful.  Shortly after I was announced as a candidate the skills came in handy as I received a lot of informal interviews from my peers as well as my soon to be peers.  I believe this was critical in getting others behind me as a selection.  Needless to say I am off to start my new job in less than a month.  -- D.B. 9/8/11  

  "The presentation skills she taught us were extremely valuable.  Two of us resulted in placing #1 and #2 in (the promotional interview) process.  We were ... promoted to the rank of Captain.  We ... strongly believe that we would not have been successful had we not received the assistance of Judy Kaplan Baron."     — M. Aranda, Ventura County (CA) Sheriff's Department

"I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance in finding 'my perfect work.' But most of all, helping me get my life in order again.  I feel so happy to be (myself) again ... I got everything that I asked for in a job."  - LN, San Diego

"Originally we met after your presentation at a Police Supervisor Leadership Seminar (SLI) in San Diego.  I then followed up with you to assist both my son and I with upcoming oral interviews.  My son, ..., was preparing for his entry orals into various medical schools.  Subsequently, I asked for assistance in preparing for an upcoming oral interview during a promotional process for the ... SWAT lieutenant position.  You hit a homerun on both counts because I am the SWAT lieutenant and my son is now in his third year of medical school!    -- D.B., Los Angeles, 5/4/12

"When I hired Judy, I increased my value. When I increased my value, I increased the number of opportunities from those who value me and were willing to reward me in kind. Judy champions clients to put forth their best throughout the interview process packing more information in any given minute than any other consultant, of any type, that I have ever worked with. She’s done this for myself and for all those I’ve referred to her. Of pivotal value, is her adept understanding of the various hiring practices and what goes on in the mind of the interviewer. If you’re like me, what you really wanting to know is: will she successfully coach me to negotiate a higher salary? The answer is – Yes!! So if you really want something better for yourself – take the initiative and hire her first."   -- CB, San Diego  (7/28/11)

"If you need someone who can give timely, experienced and honest advice on how to sell yourself in a highly competitive job hunting market, turn to Judy. I met with her the day prior to an interview and walked away 300 times more prepared for what was to come. In one hour, she focused on my physical and verbal cues to develop a stronger candidate. The next day, I was able to relax to build the rapport I needed for a really great interview.  Thanks Judy!"  -Christopher M. 5/17/11

"Thank you for your wonderful guidance.  It has made a real change in my life.  I enjoy being with K... so much.  Our relationship is better than it ever has been.  For that I am grateful to you." -- NJS, 2/23/2010
"You coached me this past February just prior to my promotion board interviews.  There were 50 other officers applying for the position.  Using the techniques you taught me I place number one on the list ... Thank you so much for your efficiency in the short amount of time we had. " -A.M. 1/23/11
"The medical school admissions process is complex, challenging, competitive, and both mentally and physically exhausting.  Dr. Baron's guidance was invaluable in helping me get into one of my top choices for medical school.  I was so incredibly nervous about how to properly approach the interviews.  I was a candidate with great extracurriculars and I graduated from Stanford University with an excellent GPA.  Nonetheless, I was clueless about articulating my application and the themes obvious in my background during an interview. Dr.
 Baron knew me better than I knew myself!  She took the time and initiative to familiarize herself with my personal statements and my life experiences.  We thoroughly discussed interview etiquette and more than 150 possible questions - I was ready for anything!  I walked out of my real interviews smiling, confident, and thankful I had Dr. Baron on my team.  I will be attending the medical school of Brown University in the fall and I would not have accomplished this without Dr. B!"  -- Lindsey N.  (11/15/10)

"What can I say about the lady who helped me out of my depression?  I had been unemployed for over 6 months and was just lost.  I had seen two counselors before her and it just didn't help much.  Judy Kaplan Baron is the one who got me on track and coached me into a new position which really works for me.  Besides being a highly competent professional, she really cares about the people she works with.  If you're looking for help, it doesn't get much better than this."  -- B. Marks,  Encinitas, CA

"I am super excited about my job offer ...  I know without a doubt that I wouldn't have the job if it weren't for your expertise and support.  You helped me in so many ways.  I became more comfortable with selling myself, and I even found myself using a lot of your phrases verbatim!  You made me believe in my skills and present myself in a way that made me competitive enough to secure interviews.  With your help, I turned the news of my company's planned layoffs into an opportunity to finally find the job I really wanted.  I am forever grateful for the outstanding services and will actively (already do) recommend you to anyone looking for, not just a job, but the job they really want.  I plan on utilizing your services at every critical juncture in my career as I make my way up the corporate ladder.  Please consider me another happy customer!  -- TD (4/20/11)

"In all my experience with you I have found you accurate, honest and  objective. You are professional, yet friendly. An authority without being an "authority figure". I have come to trust you and your skills, in my career and marriage.  Both my husband and I depend on you to guide us through the hard  times that can happen to individuals in a committed relationship.  You listen equally to each of us, you show no bias.  Your counseling makes it possible for me to help myself. You  challenge me and question me. You help me visualize my dreams and  needs, my "brass ring". You encourage me to be my best--hard work but  very worthwhile.  My thoughts and dreams are on a higher plane thanks to your counsel. My husband trusts you as a counselor. He has seen dozens of colleagues promoted as a result of working with you on their careers.  You are the "go to" counselor for the San Diego City Firefighters.  In relationship counseling, he understands the factual information you provide. He doesn't work well with "how do you feel" type questions.  When he understands, he succeeds. Thank you for being such a down to earth, results oriented,  dependable, career and MFCC guide. I am a better person because you have been there for me.  - J. Griffin, San Diego, CA

"Truly enlightened is the feeling I walked out with after your lecture ...Your techniques will be invaluable to me."  --C.D., Deputy Clerk, San Diego Municipal Court

"I must tell you ... how thoroughly impressed I was with your ability to make a dramatic improvement in a speaker with just a few moments of personal instruction. Your patience and professionalism were a delight to behold."     --  D.R., Public Information Officer, Washoe County, Nevada 

"I enthusiastically recommend Judy for her professional advice.  She has been able to distill years of experience and provide  assertive insight into my career decision making.  She is able to illustrate important career principles with simplicity and wisdom.  Judy shares her wealth of experiences effectively and fruitfully.  Thank you Judy for your advice".  CMH  (1/18/10)
"I have been attending training in law enforcement for over 30 years.  (Hers) is one of the best classes I have ever attended!  Dr. Baron's presentation skills and knowledge are unsurpassed.  Can't say enough good things.  "  -- Lieutenant in law enforcement, Post Management Academy, 2/4/09

"I want to thank you for everything you did for me during our sessions, and I want you to know that I will always be grateful for all of the new interviewing and resume writing techniques you taught me.  The positive results I obtained by using some of these new methods are amazing, and not only did they help me grow as a professional but also as a person.  I feel the newly learned interviewing skills gave me a sharper competitive edge during this difficult time where the unemployment rate is extremely high and the job market is fiercely competitive.  I will always keep you in mind if I ever come across someone who needs career counseling services because you are great!"  -- C. Gonzalez, San Diego

Many thanks for your help with my resume, CV, and work-place bullies.  I called you initially because I was in such at rut with my career.  Even though I had finished my doctorate, which was the completion of a lifetime dream, I couldn’t manage to move forward with my career.  Your expert advice on writing my resume and CV has brought me to a new place – that of renewed confidence and the knowledge that my career can take off.  As for the work-place bullies, your wisdom on dealing with them gave me just the support I needed to power forward with my own goals.  They’ll have to find someone else to pick on!  Thanks again for all your help.  In just three visits, you really made a difference in my life!  -- J. McDonald, San Diego

I was a bit skeptical as how I was going to open up to a complete stranger but your sincerity made it easy.  Your expertise really helped me in and out of work, dealing with difficult situations.  I was originally going to see you for our Employee Assistance Program, but I also came out of it with better skills for interviewing.  I would also like to thank you for how you handled the situation regarding my medical records.  Your professionalism and mannerism were much more than I could have asked for.  You are greatly appreciated.  - A.M., San Diego

My husband (fiance at the time) and I first came to Judy in 2007 for pre-marital counseling an quickly learned that we were very lucky to have been referred to her by my employer's EAP.  We found Judy's ability to pinpoint core issues and provide solid and sound advice extremely helpful to us and our situation.  I valued Judy's perspective, insight and recommendations so much that it brought me back to her in 2009 for help with difficult family relationships.  Judy has become a valuable resource to my mental well-being and I would encourage all to consider her when dealing with hard to manage relationships.   - Stephanie S., San Diego

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