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in San Diego with Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.

Life can be challenging, frustrating, and difficult.  Rather than being depressed or angry, let's identify and consider positive ways to problem-solve.  If career issues, relationship problems, marriage problems, health issues, loss, or other personal situations are getting you down, let me help you cope with and/or overcome the difficulties. I offer practical strategies and insight that can make huge differences in the quality of your life.

Frequently, just a different perspective can provide enough clarity to help you make the necessary changes.  Sometimes it requires new actions on your part.  For over 25 years, I have been assisting people just like you in making healthier, life changing decisions which lead to more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

While working with me, you will explore, learn, and grow personally and/or professionally. I regularly offer new strategies and suggest specific actions which can move you to a happier, more rewarding life.  If you really want to create a better life, I'm happy to help.  Please give me a call at 858 558-7400.  

Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.