Short-Term Therapy in San Diego

offered by Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.,

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,

Master Career Counselor and

Nationally Certified Career Counselor

You need help. 
Still, you don't want it to be long and drawn out. 
But you've decided it's important to talk to someone. 
Short-term therapy with a smart, seasoned therapist might be just the right answer. 
Together we quickly get to the heart of the issue(s). Then, we determine appropriate actions that can be taken, new perspectives that can help, or effective decisions that can be made. 
We are focused, working toward improving your life.
Then, you move on with your life, in a better way.

If this seems like it would work for you or if you'd like more information, contact Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.
Fees are on an hourly basis.** 
**If you'd like to use your insurance, it's important to call them and verify that it will cover you to see someone licensed as  a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Judy Kaplan Baron is on very few "preferred provider" lists.  However, check the testimonials.