Presentation Skills for Busy People

by Judy Kaplan Baron, Ph.D.

(Judy is a speech coach and public speaking trainer

based in San Diego, CA)

Presentation Skills for Busy People:  Over 250 Bottom-Line Techniques to Captivate and Influence Others by Judy Kaplan Baron offers just what you need to know about public speaking.  It's powerful and practical, full of great ideas you can put to use immediately.  Although simple and easy to read, it covers many facets of delivering presentations: 

- Overcoming Nervousness,

- Non-Verbal Communication,

- Analyzing the Audience,                                

- Organizing a Presentation,

- Using Notes

- Vocal Effectiveness,

- Questions and Answers,

- Analyzing the Environment, and

-  Audio-Visual Aids.

Read this book, follow the guidelines, and you can become an outstanding presenter.

$11.95 each + shipping/handling. 

Available in paper or on CD.

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